Palm Beach Classical Fencing

Instruction in Classical Fencing Technique

Palm Beach Classical Fencing

Palm Beach Classical Fencing

Instruction in Classical Fencing Technique

Palm Beach Classical Fencing

Group Classes

Group classes are held Wednesday evenings in Jupiter, Thursday evenings in Greenacres (near Lake Worth and Wellington), and Saturday mornings in Tequesta (just north of Jupiter).

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on request. Please inquire for more details.

Demonstrations and Lectures

We are available to perform demonstrations and lectures. Topics generally include the history of fencing, weapons used in fencing, cultural influences of fencing, and more. Exact topics, length, format, location, and audience participation/interaction can be tailored to fit your needs.

What Is Classical Fencing?

Classical fencing is a Western martial art that focuses on the practical application of the sword and its use in preparation for self-defense and personal combat. It differs from modern fencing in which the martial aspects of the weapon have been largely forgotten.

As a student of classical fencing, you will learn to use a sword as it was used in the 19th century when fencing was practiced as an art and science, as preparation for a duel, and as a recreational activity.

While the focus is on realism, all modern safety precautions are used; weapons are blunt and students wear protective gear (glove, jacket, and mask). Classical fencing stresses control, both of yourself and of your weapon, and it is this focus on self-discipline and awareness which makes it similar to Eastern martial arts.

About the Instructor

Kim Moser has had over 27 years of instruction from the Martinez Academy of Arms. He has earned the rank of Instructor, and is qualified to teach this rare and unique art.

For further information please e-mail Mr. Moser at or call (561) 630-3688.

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Upcoming Schedule

Dec 10 (Sat): Fencing in Tequesta (today!)

Dec 14 (Wed): Fencing in Jupiter

Dec 15 (Thu): Fencing in Greenacres

Dec 17 (Sat): Fencing in Tequesta

Dec 21 (Wed): Maybe fencing in Jupiter, check back later!

Dec 22 (Thu): No fencing in Greenacres

Dec 24 (Sat): No fencing in Tequesta

Dec 28 (Wed): No fencing in Jupiter

Dec 29 (Thu): No fencing in Greenacres

Dec 31 (Sat): No fencing in Tequesta

Jan 4 (Wed): Fencing in Jupiter

Jan 5 (Thu): Fencing in Greenacres

Jan 7 (Sat): Fencing in Tequesta

Jan 11 (Wed): Fencing in Jupiter

Jan 12 (Thu): Fencing in Greenacres

Jan 14 (Sat): Fencing in Tequesta

Jan 18 (Wed): Fencing in Jupiter

Jan 19 (Thu): Fencing in Greenacres

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