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Instruction in Classical Fencing Technique

Palm Beach Classical Fencing

Covid-19 Update

June 25th, 2020

Given the recent uptick in Coronavirus cases, and Palm Beach County's new mandatory mask order, I've decided against resuming fencing classes until the situation becomes safer and people are generally willing to gather indoors. This means Greenacres classes will NOT resume on July 9th, and are still suspended until further notice.

Tequesta classes are permanently canceled, although I am looking into a new venue in North Palm Beach (TBD). I do not yet have a date when those classes will start.

I will continue to send email updates, as well as post updates here. Please email me at to join my mailing list.

If you've taken classes from me in the past, I recommend you take this time to practice the things you've learned, particularly your footwork, to make the most productive use of this break.

Note that Maestro Martinez and Maestro Acosta-Martinez are holding weekly salons online every Friday evening via Zoom in which they discuss various aspects of classical fencing. These salons are free, and are open to all Martinez-affiliated schools. I recommend you attend if possible, since these salons are a unique opportunity to learn from my fencing masters as well as ask them questions directly. Read more about attending these salons.

Thanks for your patience! I hope things return to normal soon, but more importantly I hope you and your families stay safe until then.

Online Classes

The Martinez Academy will be starting a new 4-week series of online classes on Monday August 10th. There are classes on target practice for various weapons and specialty classes.  The specialty classes are instruction on weapons not normally or seldom taught at the Academy. You may view the schedule and register online.